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Elite Technique

Because the clients asked for it, it arrived...The Elite Technique is ideal to have a more dense look than the Perfect technique but less dense than the Volume technique called Volumizer.

The clients ask for it, since it is an intermediate look between the other 2, it is a nourished look, but the application time is 2 hours, the same time as the perfect technique, in essence it is for people who live very fast and who can't stay the 3 hours it takes for the Volumizer artwork

All the deep cleaning that we do on your eyelashes is repeated in all our applications to remove the "natural sebum" from the follicles. For us, taking care of your natural eyelashes is our priority and so much dust and contamination is concentrated in the eyelashes, and is not removed. with the daily bath, only with cleaning products specialized in eyelashes.

It is also a very relaxing application, in 2 hours you will be on comfortable padded stretchers, where the specialist will start showing you a design proposal for you to approve and proceed to the application or modification of it. Once you approve the design, relax and enjoy because the specialist will do her artistic part

This service is performed in 2 hours, the medium lashes will be identified and it is where the eyelash extensions will be applied, they are not applied to the longest lashes because they are the ones that will naturally fall due to the life cycle of the tab which is approximately 90 days.

Our adhesives are very noble and do not irritate your eyes, since they do not give off vapors.

It is the service that is recommended for all activities 

It is important that you mention to the specialist the activities you do or even which side you sleep on so that he can do his best job.  

You will enjoy this instant makeover! Everyone will notice the difference in your attractive look!

An expert agent can advise you online! 


We accept credit and debit cards as well  as deposits or transfers






Get a natural look with our technique  perfect, and looks longer eyelashes  abundant and curly.

Application time 2 hours 




IMG_8573 copy-.jpg

It is an intermediate application between the classic technique and the Volumizer technique.

Application time 2 hours




Pestañas en Tecnica de Volumen Ruso

Dare to wear a more intense look  with our Volumizer technique. Come and  lights 3  times

more lashes, lighter

Application time 3  hours.

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