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Micropigmentacion capilar una solucion a la calvicie, alopecia o camuflaje de cicatrices

Capillary Micropigmentation

What is it?

It is a technique where we infiltrate pigment non-invasively into the scalp to simulate follicles of a shaved head, very short or sparse hair, all this is done with a machine and  advanced technique. We use an  avant-garde formulation pigment that does not change color.
In this way we perfectly emulate the hair follicles of the head giving the effect of more hair or very short hair.

First session image

Ideal for scars, Alopecia Areatra, holes in the head, crown or very pronounced hairline. All procedures are supervised by Ing Juan Cid, master in micropigmentation.
With this treatment we can prevent the head from looking totally smooth and give it an effect of hair follicle density and a freshly shaved head, a perfect treatment for short-term results.
Ing Juan Cid is the Technical Director of LiPigments, a leading company in skin pigments worldwide, present in more than 40 countries, all ingredients endorsed by the FDA of the United States of America.

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