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perfect technique

Since our opening 14 years ago, it has been the most preferred service by our valuable clientele, even if it is the first time you use eyelash extensions, it is what we recommend the most so that you feel its benefits more.

It is a very relaxing application, since in 2 hours we will serve you in the best way, we start with a deep cleaning of your natural eyelashes, this is necessary because the follicles generate fat all the time,  because the  eyes maintain a natural moisture are receptors for dust, particles and pollution.

After this process we start by applying a set of eyelashes of different sizes so that you can approve the specialist's design, it is necessary that you comment if you wear glasses or glasses because you may like the long sizes of the eyelash extensions but they can rub against the themselves.

Once you approve the design, relax and enjoy because the specialist will do her artistic part

This service is performed in 2 hours, the medium lashes will be identified and it is where the eyelash extensions will be applied, they are not applied to the longest lashes because they are the ones that will naturally fall due to the life cycle of the tab which is approximately 90 days.

Our adhesives are very noble and do not irritate your eyes, since they do not give off vapors.

It is the service that is recommended for all activities, the advantage is that from the beginning of the day you look in the mirror and  you're already pretty!

You will notice that you will always wear a beautiful expression, and you will love that it will take much less time to put on makeup

It is important that you mention to the specialist the activities you do or even which side you sleep on so that he can do his best job.  

You will enjoy this instant makeover!

An expert agent can advise you online! 


We show you our application process

We explain why maintenance is necessary, always cleaning

We accept credit and debit cards as well  as deposits or transfers

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